Nurturing “Beauty”

Five years ago I embarked on the journey of becoming a mother. Four years ago I had my second child and three years ago I completed my family when God blessed me with our little girl Kori. There is no greater love than the love you feel for your child the moment you see them. I will never forget the day each of my children were born. What I have forgotten is what a hot meal tastes like, how valuable and precious a bathroom or bedroom door is when it is closed, the comfort of a warm bath, and overall the importance of taking care of myself. I am always freely tending to the kids needs and putting my needs on the back burner. Beginning now I am going to have one more baby and name her “Beauty”. I am going to tend to, care for, and nurture her because I am ready to find me again. I want to feel good and look great because I know when I do I will be an even better mother!!! Join me…

November 4th Expressive Arts Workshop

One thought on “Nurturing “Beauty”

  1. Wow! I have to say Brandi this is such an amazing story. Yes we Mothers do need to “tend to, care for and nurture” ourselves. Interestingly enough when I take good care of myself my energy multiplies and I miraculously find more energy than ever for my kids. (It is a miracle) It is so easy to forget even when you only have two. Mine are a bit older 8 & 16. It does get a bit easier these days but still with karate & football games, PSATs and college campus visits to prepare for it is still easy to get so caught up their lives and forget mine. But alas, if I do not model good self-care to them, how are they going to learn to take care of themselves when it really matters and they come to that age where if they neglect themselves it can become a serious health issue. LOVE THIS!!!


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