How do I find out about Smartgraft?

The first step is an initial consultation with a trained hair restoration physician. Dr Pocurull and staff will ask about your medical history and perform a scalp evaluation as well as discuss options including wether or not you are a good candidate for Smartgraft. If available, bring pictures of family members to determine hairloss patterns.  

We will discuss options including new technology available.  These range from prescriptions drugs (Finasteride), topical agents (minoxidil, growth factors), supplements, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, Light Treatments, and FUE transplants.  A combination of treatments will yield the best longterm results.  

Dr P. will then explain the procedure in detail and determine the number of grafts needed for an effective and natural-looking result specific to your goals. The evaluation is confidential and complimentary.  There is an initial consultation deposit that will be applied towards any treatment options.

You may contact us at (979) 200-4833

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